Save Money on Vitamix

Because my blog is hosted by wordpress and not self hosted (at least for now) I want to tell you none of my links are affiliate links.  Many people cite money as the reason they don’t buy a quality blender ala Vitamix or Blendtec.

Before we get into the heated topic of Vitamix vs Blendtec let me say this, I own and use a Vitamix, which has been amazing since day one. I use my Vitamix daily. I can’t comment on the Blendtec from experience as I have never tried one I could only do a side by side feature compare, which is not the point of this article. What I can do is tell you several ways to save on your Vitamix.

  • Buy your Vitamix over the phone and request the 3 payment installment plan – when I bought mine the gentleman on the phone did explain this as a 50% deposit + shipping due the day of order, 25% due 30 days later and the remaining 25% 30 days later)
  • Buy a re-conditioned Vitamix, I have read many people who are completely satisfied with their re-conditioned blender. Unlike other companies a Vitamix re-conditioned blender comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Go to the Vitamix site and decide which blender is right for you and either save up the money over the next few weeks/months and then go ahead and purchase when you have the chance (I know saving up wasn’t the most brilliant idea, haha :)) however if you have saved up and have a credit card put it on there and earn some points/miles, etc. and then pay it off
  • Use a store credit card if it has a no interest payment plan (
    such as zero interest for 3 or 6 months)
  • Now here is something I do want to mention many stores carry Vitamix and the prices do vary slightly (and not all stores carry each model) – Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdales, Crate and Barrel,  Amazon and and several others that I am unaware of.

Finally, don’t let any sales person bully you into buying a Vitamix at a store this is why I suggest you visit the Vitamix website look at the colors, specs, and models first. Then maybe go to Whole Foods or Costco to view an in-store demonstration if your still unsure. If there are none in your area watch some YouTube videos

~Hope these tips help,Chelsea

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