The Real Guide to Flawless Skin Review

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The Real Guide to Flawless Skin by Stephanie Elizabeth

This book is available on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle PC (which I have and costs absolutely nothing to run Kindle on your computer)

Background Info: The author Stephanie also writes a blog, Epic Beauty Guide where she shares nutrition and natural beauty advice. Stephanie is a pre-med student so many of her tips are also affordable and provide DIY solutions. She is also a contributing blogger for and Lucky community contributor.

Book Review:

The Real Guide to Flawless Skin tackles how to achieve flawless skin naturally through both diet and skin care products. She recommends many natural brands in her book at various price points so there is something for everyone, she discusses diet and gives a sample meal plan and also provides a list of supplements she uses as well. This book is for anyone struggling with their skin, needing to improve their health and for those who are already paleo but find the paleo community not the most interested in skincare/beauty.

One thing I felt stood out in The Real Guide to Flawless Skin is her lack of emphasis on meat, meat and meat. So many paleo books or blogs read like as much bacon for breakfast, meat for lunch and meat for dinner. I feel many of those paleo type meal plans must fall short of the veggies and fruits needed daily. So I was glad to see she emphasized the health as well as beauty benefits of green smoothies and filling your plate 2/3 with veggies and the remaining with whatever animal protein you desire. 

Stephanie’s approach is unique in that she doesn’t put pressure on you to change everything all at once she tells you no is perfect so make as many changes as possible (but that this isn’t a race and she absolutely doesn’t want you to go all out for a few days and then fall off the program); however for those struggling with constant acne they will benefit on her program she suggests giving it everything for 4 weeks (which is completely doable) – remember this is a lifestyle change not a fad diet. 


Easy to read – Stephanie provides resources to back up her research but she talks plainly and in a friendly manner

The Real Guide to Flawless Skin shows true research and knowledge on how to cure your skin conditions (this will benefit people with other skin troubles e.g. eczema or dark circles) without the use of harmful products, the book does recommend skincare brands that are natural/organic in nature and many are very affordable – you just probably won’t see them in many local stores but they’re very easy to purchase off the internet.

She provides an example of meal ideas (what your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks should reflect)

The only drawback is there aren’t necessarily recipes (this doesn’t bother me – as NO where in the title is it called a cookbook) if your new to cooking with whole foods and don’t want to spend lots of money buying cookbooks I highly suggest you check out some Paleo blogs for recipes. Second check out Stephanie’s Instagram page where you can see her post easy, simple green smoothie recipes along with others. 


*Please note I purchased The Real Guide to Flawless Skin with my own money and this is an unbiased review based upon my own results, your results will vary. I am also not presently a self-hosted WordPress site so none of the links are affiliate.


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