Simple Detox Lemon Water

In order to start your day off right you know what you should be doing very first? And no, if you answered having breakfast that is completely wrong, the first thing you should do is have a glass of warm lemon water. Yes, lemon water may sound simple but its a fantastic way to start the day, its cheap (it only calls for 2 ingredients lemons and water) and has numerous benefits.

Benefits of Lemon Water:

  • Lemons are full of vitamin c which is perfect for preventing winter colds
  • Enhanced enzymatic function enabling the liver to flush out toxins
  • Contain pectic fiber – which helps crush cravings (helpful for loosing weight)
  • Balances your body’s pH levels since its an alkalizing food 

*Learn more about lemon’s nutrients here

Lemon Water Recipe:

1 Cup of filtered water (I use my faucet filter from Environmental Water Systems)

1/2 – 1 lemon juiced

Heat your filtered water on high for 45 seconds – 1 minute in the microwave it should be warm and comfortable to drink not hot, then squeeze your lemon juice into your cup

Stir and enjoy 🙂

Challenge Time:

So, why not challenge yourself starting tomorrow will you buy some lemons and start having warm lemon water every morning and replace your morning coffee or tea for 30 days and see how you look and feel?

I am doing the 30 day challenge (which really I used to drink warm lemon water every morning and then several months back I stopped, so while I don’t drink coffee or tea in the morning the lemon water will be a great way for me to start my mornings again.)




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