Great Ways to Ease Into a Juice Cleanse

Many of the nasty symptoms and feelings people experience that are negative around a cleanse could be eliminated/reduced. Headaches, withdrawal, dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, sleepiness, etc. Why? Because many people eat crappy diets throughout the year and then after they had one too many beers at the game or donuts at a house party think its time to “get on track” and while the thought of eating clean and healthy daily is not a number one priority doing a cleanse all of a sudden is.

I want to make your cleanse as enjoyable as possible so I am providing simple, practical tips that can fit into anyone’s days leading up to a cleanse.

First off, if your doing a juice cleanse for the first time I highly recommend limiting your first juice cleanse to 3 days. Why you ask?

You haven’t done a juice cleanse before and it would be good no matter how clear headed, energized and awesome you look to finish it soundly and then re-introduce healthy eating habits so your body gets used to the adjustment. Also you can re-visit a cleanse soon again and no this won’t harm your metabolism.

Best ways to ease into a juice cleanse

  • Remove all artificial sweeteners 7 days before you begin (no sodas, Crystal Light, or Gatorade and sneaky places like chewing gum) – *Also if you want to spend a few bucks buy either liquid or powdered stevia to add to things like your morning coffee since its very concentrated – but in no way is this necessary 
  • Limit caffeine consumption only to mornings (before noon) and limited to 2 cups (6-8 o.z.s each) and quit all coffee/tea 2 days before the cleanse  – Yes I allowed you to keep your coffee (I’m so generous :))
  • For those who want to kick caffeine to the curb from 7 days before cleansing replace it with lemon water
  • Limit your meat intake (by “meat” I mean animal protein of any kind) to lunch and dinner and stop 48 hours before your juice cleanse
  • If your vegan or vegetarian and don’t eat meat then you will need to remove all soy products 7 days before juicing (you shouldn’t be eating soy at all but that’s an entirely different topic) and if your hungry because you use soy as your meat replacement, then replace those soy based meals with healthier but still vegan approved items (such as lentils, black beans, any beans or starchy veggies like sweet potatoes/yams to keep you full)
  • Finish eating all foods 3 hours before bed for easier digestion
  • Avoid all alcohol for 7 days

This is a list that is simple to implement, won’t cost you actually any extra money and will make your juice cleanse much more enjoyable. 

*Disclosure: I am not a doctor, physician, nutritionist, pharmacist and am not providing any medical advice or dietary advice in any way. Before embarking on any diet or exercise changes always consult with your doctor /  healthcare provider.

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