Superfood Smoothies

Want to take your smoothie to the next level? And make it Super, well here are some super great items to up the ante in the nutrition department for your smoothies and still keeping them tasting great.Okay, this list is in no particular order as far as nutrition goes so lets get started 🙂 The links below provide further studies/resources

  1. Replace part or all of your filtered water with coconut water (its great at hydrating the body)
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of matcha tea (a form of green tea that helps prevent cancer, anti-aging and lowers cholesterol) a study from the University of Colorado states “EGCG from drinking matcha is 137 times greater than the amount of EGCG available from China Green Tips green tea”
  3. Feeling hungry? Add some fiber by adding organic, raw coconut flour to your smoothies – it will not be chalky if properly blended
  4. If your having green smoothies why not make them really green by adding spirulina
  5. Want to boost your weight loss Particularly do you want to burn more fat, then add 1-2 tablespoon of organic, unrefined coconut oil to your daily smoothie.
  6. Want your smoothie to be more filling and creamy? Try adding a nut or seed butter. Just 1 Tablespoon of your favorite nut or seed butter will make a great difference in the creaminess and won’t through your omega 3:6 ratio out of skew.
  7. Do you make a smoothie and feel hungry an hour later? Maybe your not using the right ingredients add 1/4 of an avocado (its packed with healthy fats) to help you feel satiated
  8. Add 1 teaspoon of royal jelly – royal jelly helps balance hormones by supporting the endocrine system                                                                                                                           *(I highly recommend Y.S.Eco Bee Farms brand for their ethical treatment of bees and stewardship of their apiaries) – the bee population has been dwindling and we can’t afford any mistreatment of a species that pollinates many foods we eat
  9. Add chia seeds to your smoothie (but first soak them for 15 minutes to overnight) add 1 teaspoon of chia seeds to 2 Tablespoons of water to rehydrate them
  10. Take 1/2 lemon and squeeze the juice into your next smoothie for its amazing alkaline benefits

*Remember never add any super food if you have an allergy to it (such as bees and royal jelly)

I hope these tips have inspired you to try a new super food smoothie

~Chelsea 🙂

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