Vega Protein Powder Review


Do you use protein powder?

I know some blogs don’t recommend protein powder because of the following for the most part:

  1. they feel most people can get enough protein through diet
  2. they feel most people aren’t active enough to need the extra protein
  3. or they feel that regardless of the ingredients no protein powder is 100% natural because man creates it (even if the ingredients are 100% natural you don’t see protein powder growing on a plant, tree or from the ground)

And that’s okay people have lived for many years without protein powder however, if your someone who does use protein powder here are a few key things to pay attention to and my review below of Vega One and Vega Sport below.First off, whether or not your vegan should not be the reason you choose a plant based protein powder. I am not vegan however for many reasons I choose a plant based product.

  1. If you have acne you may struggle to properly digest something like “whey protein”
  2. If your using whey protein the problem besides that whey protein comes from cows milk and is harder to digest, dairy can contribute to acne, and finally is the source of the whey protein (the cows are they treated fairly and roaming grass fed pastures like they would in the wild?)
  3. Avoid protein powders with excess artificial sweeteners or sugars (obviously some adding some natural sweetener e.g. Stevia for a better taste profile is acceptable)
  4. When it comes to grainy or non-smooth textures that unfortunately is trial and error (and some of them are really bad – makes you wonder if they ever tasted their own product before selling it)
  5. Also avoid any filler ingredients (as you would with vitamins)
  6. Avoid all soy based protein powders as they really can mess with your hormones (and if your vegan there are plenty of options that aren’t egg or milk based)
  7. Also remember if you follow a gluten free or grain free lifestyle avoid any barley, oat or rice based protein powders

So how about Vega Sport and Vega One (I know its a long post but here is my overdue review)

  1. Both Vega Sport and Vega Performance were silky smooth no chalky-ness 
  2. In Vega One I bought the French Vanilla and in Vega Sport I bought  1 Vanilla and 1 Chocolate (this is a personal preference but I preferred the vanilla I think the taste blended better with my smoothie profile)
  3. Vega One has less protein than Vega Sport
  4. Vega Sport has a both BCAAs and Glutamine
  5. Vega One does have vitamins and minerals not found in Vega Sport

I do want to recommend if you have a Whole Foods near you that you go there and buy a few packs of both Vega One/Sport in the flavors you would like to try. This will help you decide which you like better and avoid a costly purchase of something you don’t like.

Comment Below: Have you tried Vega Sport or Vega One? Did you like? Do you use protein powder and if so which is your favorite?



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