Your Favorite Foods Recreated

So for many going paleo/primal, raw, vegan, vegetarian or any other diet improvement can lead to a list of no items. And while certain foods (can we even call them foods???) should be on the no list forever (since man was never intended to consume such items) there are some of your old favorites you should be happy to know that can be re-created in a tasty and healthy format.

So I have rounded up recipes from all over the web of these tasty creations that will leave you contemplating which food to try first.

Primal Pizza – this pizza is relatively easy to make, is gluten/grain/legume free. Another noteworthy mention is this keeps well in the freezer so its one of those items that you can make and freeze ahead of time

Chicken Nuggets – I make these very frequently and find so many uses for them. I dice them up and toss into a huge salad or serve with a huge side of garlic broccoli.

Missing Mexican? Try these Primal Tex-Mex tortillas and home-made taco seasoning too

Having a get together and want to put out a bowl of dip, why not serve these primal crackers 

*For those wondering if your allergic to almonds just try substituting another nut

How about sushi you can feel good about eating try this recipe

What about some healthy, tasty pancakes that don’t leave feeling tired, bloated and lethargic? Look no further these are great 🙂

Why not a spin on a childhood favorite of mac and cheese with this vegan option?

I hope these options have inspired you to try your hand at healthier versions of some of your favorite dishes and that you will enjoy them.

I have been putting together a list of healthier dessert options which will be featured shortly in time for everyone to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas and still be able to enjoy dessert.


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