The Food That’s Aging You

Besides being told you should reduce your sugar intake because its bad for your health have you really stopped to ever think the affect sugar is having on your skin and the aging process. If you find yourself with premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of collagen and sagging skin – there is still hope and time to fix these problems and no its not a wonder cream in a fancy jar either. I want to emphasize that a diet based on whole foods is the first arsenal against aging, second I personally subscribe to the notion that whole food/plant based vitamins are generally safe and you should realize that the veggies and fruits you eat today aren’t as nutritious as they used to be. Plus not everybody can afford or has access to all organic produce year round or a garden of their own.

Back to sugar and why its the enemy, we are all aging each and every day and while we can’t stop getting older, day by day sugar accelerates this process (its like fueling a fire) and makes it harder to undo. When you eat sugar your body natural goes through the process of glycation (basically sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins forming harmful new molecules – these molecules are actually called advanced glycation end products AGEs) Low AGE-diets in animal studies have reported to reverse insulin resistance and chronic inflammation and inhibit the growth of atherosclerosis.

Track your sugar intake – when reading food labels be aware that 4.2 grams = 1 teaspoon of sugar – so if a product lists 24 grams of sugar per serving = 6 teaspoons / 2 Tablespoon. -Basically most people just divide by 4 instead of 4.2 for simplification.

Make sure your diet includes or add the supplement B6 in 1-2mg daily as these have shown in studies to be AGE inhibitors.

Finally, the most important thing you can do related to sugar is avoid completely High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) this man made sweetener is the awful and should be avoided entirely. Its found its way into many hidden foods so check packaging. Also be aware of gimmicky marketing hype (all forms of agave should be avoided) so if a recipe calls for it replace it with an equal amount of an appropriate sweetener below.

When it comes to your sweet tooth and you want to indulge here’s the best suggestions:

  • Skip the supermarket bakery and make healthier treats at home (I don’t purchase store made desserts)
  • Use only quality sweeteners: raw organic honey, grade B maple syrup, and for vegans coconut nectar or stevia
  • There are plenty of blogs with free recipes so print a few buy the ingredients and see which are your favorites – you don’t need a special “desserts cookbook”
  • Make desserts that fit your lifestyle: raw ones, vegan ones, or baked paleo treats in any case they will be better for you than traditional desserts
  • I highly recommend Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips/Chunks (Dairy,Nut,Soy Free :)) to replace traditional chocolate chips and it can be melted down for many other purposes

Always remember to limit the amount of sweet treats your eating as they not only are aging the skin but can cause you to pack on extra pounds if they’re using cheap, inferior ingredients.

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