Save Money on A Vitamix Blender Now!


Many recipes call for or use a high powered blender (such as Vitamix or Blendtec.) I know many people feel these blenders are out of their budget so they will often try buying a lesser expensive store brand. I have absolutely nothing against this if it works for you; however some people find they use their blenders daily and wear out the motor in a matter of a few months making smoothies, crushing ice, or making raw desserts. Only to have to re-buy another blender, so if your in the market for a high power blender and want to score a discount on a Vitamix your in luck. Vitamix is presently running a promotion on Certified Reconditioned Blenders (they come with 5 year warranties :)) and are at an all time low price.

Every now and then Vitamix has promotions and while you can always buy a certified reconditioned blender from Vitamix the prices are really good starting under $300.

If you know anyone who has been wanting a Vitamix I highly recommend you share this page with them.

Disclaimer: Just to inform you the Vitamix in the picture above is my own personal Vitamix 5200 with 48 oz container – I was not asked to promote Vitamix in any way. It is with personal experience/satisfaction that I am recommending Vitamix – I have no opinion on Blendtec since I have actually never used one (I have only done a feature comparison when I was in the market to buy my Vitamix.)

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