Experiment: Eating Light to Heavy for Digestion (Day 1)

So I have decided to try a little experiment here, I am going to change the order in which I eat things for a few days and report back to you on what I think.

Today is day 1 and below you will see me share what I ate plus the order. The point of this experiment is to see if any changes happen (digestive wise.) I am always reading and learning so its important to me to try new things and share them with all of you.

  • Upon waking had a warm cup of lemon water (6 ounces + 1/2 lemon juiced)
  • Then I made Cucumber & Pear Beauty Water from Jane at Green Smoothie Habit (only change for mine was I made 5 cups instead of her 6 in the recipe because I have the 48oz Vitamix Container instead of the 64oz one) – I drank a total of 16 ounces it was very refreshing and light)
  • Lunch was a bowl of homemade stew (grass fed/finished beef, tomatoes, celery, broth, spices, and onion)
  • Dinner was: Chicken Burger (from Dr. Junger’s Clean Program) and my side was steamed spinach (1- 4 ounces chicken burger and 10 ounces of spinach)

I will also share with you if I notice any skin changes as well. I did feel well hydrated, no head-aches, the soup for lunch was perfect to warm me up and dinner was filling. Check back tomorrow 🙂


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