Eating Light to Heavy (Day 2-6)

Okay I am sorry for some reason this post was scheduled for an update that somehow it did not appear 😦 so time for a quick update. I am glad to share this experiment with you and

Disclaimer: *I am not a medical professional nor do I pretend to be, remember this is what I am doing for my body always consult your medical professional, doctor, nutritionist, etc. first before making any diet or fitness changes in your life.

Day 6:

  • Cup of lemon water (same as everyday)
  • Cucumber and Pear Beauty Water again (same recipe as Day 1) – I was cold this morning so I did follow it with a cup of warm organic, oolong tea
  • I tried a new recipe today -I made Robusto Tomato soup in my Vitamix  I made a few changes / additions to the original which lent an overall spicy flavor profile (I added the following: 1/8 cup of parsley, 6 cloves of garlic and pepper to taste)  after blending in the Vitamix all the ingredients for 4 minutes I then transferred it to a pot and added 1 diced tomato and simmered for 15 minutes
    (this recipe is vegan :))
  • My next meal encompassed these paleo friendly chicken nuggets (in the summer I usually dice a few of them up and sprinkle over a salad) with a huge serving of steamed spinach – my tweak the recipe since I usually only make

Since today is officially 10 days on this protocol you should know I am enjoying not having any sugar crashes, I do notice my stomach is a little less bloated and overall I feel great. I should also mention even though this was 10 days today yesterday (day 9) I broke protocol due to traveling I didn’t eat all day and then when I finally ate dinner it was about 8pm and I was hungry and since I was at a restaurant I ordered pasta (which of course is not gluten free/ grain free) so I ended up being bloated the whole rest of the night and even this morning.


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