Healthy Foods for a Happier Thanksgiving

So I can’t take credit for all these amazing recipes (I have so many recipes that I need to type postings for and share with everyone) so instead I did a recipe roundup for everyone – many of these recipes will provide you with healthy, tasty alternatives to the traditional foods served while still resembling a former comfort food. With Thanksgiving only 3 days away this list should inspire you in case your still searching for some last-minute recipes or haven’t yet started your food shopping.

  • Paleo and Vegan friendly meals from The Detoxinista (Megan is awesome at creating healthy versions of your favorite foods from sides, entree and desserts)
  • Take your traditional Thanksgiving meal and make it primal/paleo courtesy of Paleo Spirit (its amazing how beautiful Lea’s creations come out)
  • Many houses around the country will have corn or corn bread on the table, however if you follow a paleo lifestyle than you know this won’t be at your dinner table so why not try these Paleo Cornbread Muffins (grain free of course) a brilliant concoction from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance 

Well I think that should suffice there are plenty of recipes out there so I hope maybe you will want to try your hand at one or two of these

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Feel free to share what your thankful for this holiday in the comments section,


p.s. I am grateful for my pet which I rescued a few months ago this will be the first holiday since I have adopted her 🙂


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