Perfect Holiday Gifts (Detox Style)

Are you still searching for those perfect Christmas gifts? Do you have a hard time finding something affordable, thoughtful, useful, and healthy?
The links below are directly to the company or Amazon (these links are not affiliate links)


this Camellia oil from Pure Attitude is amazing (great for hair and skin) it comes in 3 sizes and ranges from $5 to $18

Even though its winter make sure your still wearing a physical / non-chemical sunscreen daily such as this one with all natural ingredients and no nano particles from Nature’s Skin and Body Food

its $29 for 8 oz


This Himalayan salt lamp adds a nice warm glow to the room and helps ionize the air its available in multiple sizes/prices (the one featured above is 8 inches and $25.99)

Someone likes tea? Get them a container of DoMatcha green tea 

How about the person who loves frothy drinks from the local cafe? Try a milk frother to make all sorts of at home lattes  (its even perfect for vegans and those lactose intolerant because you can use it with any non-dairy milk such as coconut, almond or rice)

If you plan to give a DIY gift (such as this homemade makeup remover I suggest you give these organic, non-gmo Organic Essentials Cotton Rounds

If you know someone who is conscious of some scars, stretchmarks or acne marks and want to help them fade or disappear then you need to buy them a tube of Celsus scar cream from Epic Beauty Bar.  I have to write of review this stuff is amazing!

Is there an active workout junkie on your shopping list? If so ditch the plastic and the leaching chemicals and buy them a glass water bottle

What’s the perfect gift for someone eco-conscious? Try a glass straw that’s reusable.

 photo source of straws courtesy of Glass Dharma 

These straws comes in multiple sizes and Glass Dharma also sells carrying cases and cleaning brushes.

I hope this list gave you some unique gift ideas and I wish each of you a Merry Christmas, ~ Chelsea 

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