Designed For Detox was created from my frustration with the so called “natural” beauty products available on the market. In fact, one day after walking the skin care aisle I was shocked at what some ingredients companies use while spewing their “green” “natural” or “safe” product claims.  There are many companies out there that are Greenwashing and it can be so hard for consumers to navigate the millions of products being advertised everyday. So I will share many product reviews and at home skincare recipes you can easily make in your kitchen.

However, beauty products aren’t the only concern and as a country we are growing extremely unhealthy so I will share delicious, healthy recipes that will not conform to the silly Food Pyramid or Food Plate. We need to take charge of our own nutrition and health and it can start with simple recipes for you and your family.

Designed For Detox is to help inspire you to “detox” from all the chemicals, heavy pollutants and environmental factors encroaching on your health and wellness and to aid you in your skincare journey.

About me:

Okay, lets make this quick, I love animals, beauty products, trying new recipes and being an informed consumer. Ever since, I was a little girl I have been obsessed with skincare (its in my genes :)) I strongly feel that natural skincare products are very important since our largest organ is our skin and it absorbs everything. But I also believe life is a balance and its even more important what we put in our bodies (not to say you shouldn’t enjoy life and cheat once in awhile) but that our nutrition directly affects our appearance.

If you want to contact me with a question or a product you want to send me for reviewing, email me at designedfordetox at gmail.com

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