Tips to Limit Sugar For Valentine’s Day

If your trying to reduce your sugar intake then Valentine’s day can be one of the two worst days of the year (the other being Halloween) since so many people tend to overindulge in candy, pies, cakes and cookies both at school, work, home and parties.

Here’s some simple basic steps to reduce your sugar intake or limit the consumption of traditional processed sugar.

  • Melt a dark chocolate bar over a pot of water on the stove top and then dip your favorite fruit (try strawberries, apples or oranges)
  • Switch out your traditional sugar for more healthier options (stevia, organic raw honey or coconut nectar)
  • Make some of these tasty treats for valentine’s day and skip the store bought ones that contain high fructose corn syrup and excessive sweeteners and dyes
  1. The Detoxinista made these chocolate truffles or any other of her amazing desserts
  2. Michelle and Lori over at Purely Twins are always full of ideas (they have several cookbooks loaded with desserts)and this brownie recipe is a new creation of theirs
  3.  Looking at this pie will make you want to try your hand at all sorts of healthier desserts 

Okay, so for those of you who are very time crunched and feel you need something with as little ingredients and work as possible I have 2 perfect suggestions (these are store bought mixes that you only add a few ingredients to and have some of the cleanest ingredients I have seen on the shelves)

Namaste Baking Company (gluten free, dairy free, soy free, tree nut free, soy free, corn free, potato free and casein free)

Paleo Baking Company  (gluten, grain, dairy, refined sugar and soy free) 

Now with several recipe inspirations you see there are plenty of creative people with blogs sharing healthy foods that are tasty.

If you have a great recipe to share please link below in the comments section


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Perfect Holiday Gifts (Detox Style)

Are you still searching for those perfect Christmas gifts? Do you have a hard time finding something affordable, thoughtful, useful, and healthy?
The links below are directly to the company or Amazon (these links are not affiliate links)


this Camellia oil from Pure Attitude is amazing (great for hair and skin) it comes in 3 sizes and ranges from $5 to $18

Continue reading

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Healthy Foods for a Happier Thanksgiving

So I can’t take credit for all these amazing recipes (I have so many recipes that I need to type postings for and share with everyone) so instead I did a recipe roundup for everyone – many of these recipes will provide you with healthy, tasty alternatives to the traditional foods served while still resembling a former comfort food. With Thanksgiving only 3 days away this list should inspire you in case your still searching for some last-minute recipes or haven’t yet started your food shopping.

  • Paleo and Vegan friendly meals from The Detoxinista (Megan is awesome at creating healthy versions of your favorite foods from sides, entree and desserts)
  • Take your traditional Thanksgiving meal and make it primal/paleo courtesy of Paleo Spirit (its amazing how beautiful Lea’s creations come out)
  • Many houses around the country will have corn or corn bread on the table, however if you follow a paleo lifestyle than you know this won’t be at your dinner table so why not try these Paleo Cornbread Muffins (grain free of course) a brilliant concoction from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance 

Well I think that should suffice there are plenty of recipes out there so I hope maybe you will want to try your hand at one or two of these

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Feel free to share what your thankful for this holiday in the comments section,


p.s. I am grateful for my pet which I rescued a few months ago this will be the first holiday since I have adopted her 🙂


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Eating Light to Heavy (Day 2-6)

Okay I am sorry for some reason this post was scheduled for an update that somehow it did not appear 😦 so time for a quick update. I am glad to share this experiment with you and

Disclaimer: *I am not a medical professional nor do I pretend to be, remember this is what I am doing for my body always consult your medical professional, doctor, nutritionist, etc. first before making any diet or fitness changes in your life.

Day 6:

  • Cup of lemon water (same as everyday)
  • Cucumber and Pear Beauty Water again (same recipe as Day 1) – I was cold this morning so I did follow it with a cup of warm organic, oolong tea
  • I tried a new recipe today -I made Robusto Tomato soup in my Vitamix  I made a few changes / additions to the original which lent an overall spicy flavor profile (I added the following: 1/8 cup of parsley, 6 cloves of garlic and pepper to taste)  after blending in the Vitamix all the ingredients for 4 minutes I then transferred it to a pot and added 1 diced tomato and simmered for 15 minutes
    (this recipe is vegan :))
  • My next meal encompassed these paleo friendly chicken nuggets (in the summer I usually dice a few of them up and sprinkle over a salad) with a huge serving of steamed spinach – my tweak the recipe since I usually only make

Since today is officially 10 days on this protocol you should know I am enjoying not having any sugar crashes, I do notice my stomach is a little less bloated and overall I feel great. I should also mention even though this was 10 days today yesterday (day 9) I broke protocol due to traveling I didn’t eat all day and then when I finally ate dinner it was about 8pm and I was hungry and since I was at a restaurant I ordered pasta (which of course is not gluten free/ grain free) so I ended up being bloated the whole rest of the night and even this morning.


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Experiment: Eating Light to Heavy for Digestion (Day 1)

So I have decided to try a little experiment here, I am going to change the order in which I eat things for a few days and report back to you on what I think.

Today is day 1 and below you will see me share what I ate plus the order. The point of this experiment is to see if any changes happen (digestive wise.) I am always reading and learning so its important to me to try new things and share them with all of you.

  • Upon waking had a warm cup of lemon water (6 ounces + 1/2 lemon juiced)
  • Then I made Cucumber & Pear Beauty Water from Jane at Green Smoothie Habit (only change for mine was I made 5 cups instead of her 6 in the recipe because I have the 48oz Vitamix Container instead of the 64oz one) – I drank a total of 16 ounces it was very refreshing and light)
  • Lunch was a bowl of homemade stew (grass fed/finished beef, tomatoes, celery, broth, spices, and onion)
  • Dinner was: Chicken Burger (from Dr. Junger’s Clean Program) and my side was steamed spinach (1- 4 ounces chicken burger and 10 ounces of spinach)

I will also share with you if I notice any skin changes as well. I did feel well hydrated, no head-aches, the soup for lunch was perfect to warm me up and dinner was filling. Check back tomorrow 🙂


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Save Money on A Vitamix Blender Now!


Many recipes call for or use a high powered blender (such as Vitamix or Blendtec.) I know many people feel these blenders are out of their budget so they will often try buying a lesser expensive store brand. I have absolutely nothing against this if it works for you; however some people find they use their blenders daily and wear out the motor in a matter of a few months making smoothies, crushing ice, or making raw desserts. Only to have to re-buy another blender, so if your in the market for a high power blender and want to score a discount on a Vitamix your in luck. Vitamix is presently running a promotion on Certified Reconditioned Blenders (they come with 5 year warranties :)) and are at an all time low price.

Every now and then Vitamix has promotions and while you can always buy a certified reconditioned blender from Vitamix the prices are really good starting under $300.

If you know anyone who has been wanting a Vitamix I highly recommend you share this page with them.

Disclaimer: Just to inform you the Vitamix in the picture above is my own personal Vitamix 5200 with 48 oz container – I was not asked to promote Vitamix in any way. It is with personal experience/satisfaction that I am recommending Vitamix – I have no opinion on Blendtec since I have actually never used one (I have only done a feature comparison when I was in the market to buy my Vitamix.)

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The Food That’s Aging You

Besides being told you should reduce your sugar intake because its bad for your health have you really stopped to ever think the affect sugar is having on your skin and the aging process. If you find yourself with premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of collagen and sagging skin – there is still hope and time to fix these problems and no its not a wonder cream in a fancy jar either. Continue reading

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